Monday, August 6, 2012

My EPIC Dinner Party

My Dinner Guests!

If I could invite any 10 guests to My Dinner Party, I'd invite:

1. Ryan Gosling
Every dinner needs eye candy!

2. Tom Delonge
Every dinner needs musical entertainment...and eye candy.

3. Jesus
Every dinner needs interesting discussions and I have a few questions for this guy...
plus he'd probably have an interesting discussion with my next guest...

4. Nostradamas
Just for kicks I'd invite him to see what he says about our "future"...
like having a psychic palm reader, but BETTER!

5. Lady Gaga
Everyone at my party would be styled by Lady Gaga and receive fashion advice.

6. Chef Gordon Ramsey
That way we can critique his cooking and yell if we feel so inclined. 

7. King Henry VIII
I have to see what this guy was really like!  I really hope he looked like he did in the show The Tudors!  Who would marry this man after he already killed so many wives?!  I'm convinced there's something the books aren't telling us!

8.  Stephen Colbert
Every dinner needs comedic relief and maybe we'd hold a political rally his in honor.

9. Christian Grey
Why not?  It's my party and he's rich so maybe he'll bring a nice gift for the hostess...
and/or EYE CANDY!

10. The entire cast of Big Bang Theory
YES I'm cheating!  But they will make me so happy!  I picture them like the above picture at my party, but dressed Lady Gaga style.  :)

So there you have it.  I know you're all jealous of my EPIC party right? 
Happy thoughts...