Thursday, May 31, 2012

One Sweet, One Screaming

How can kids be so different?
Jackson runs in this morning telling me that he had a dream that he was a baby squirrel and I was his mommy squirrel and I kept bringing him acorns.  <3 

As I type this Jack is sitting next to me rubbing my arm.  He is always the SWEETEST little boy.

Joshua on the other hand took every single book out of the bookcase in the boys' room closet.  EVERY book.  I told him if he made the mess he needs to clean the mess.  Well he didn't clean it up by the end of the night yesterday.  Today he has been in there for 2 hours (and counting) kicking and SCREAMING.

Can you tell he is my strong willed child? 

We will go to the library once he cleans it all up...if he cleans it up.  If not he will be in his room until dinner.  My will is stronger than his!  Last time this happened we had a 3 DAY strike on our hands.  When he becomes a teenager can I just move away?  Please?

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