Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Does Spring Cleaning make you feel like NESTING during pregnancy?  It does for me and when I'm ampted up on cleaning I want to get it all done.

What I have done so far:
Go through kids' wardrobes
Go through A's closet
Go through A's toys and art supplies
Go through activity cabinet (includes play doh bin-EWW!, coloring books, art/craft supplies, educational toys)
Go through entertainment center
Go through books in bookcase and spread around bedroom
Go through kids' bathroom vanity/medicine cabinet
Go through DH's bathroom vanity
Organize entry way/go through shoes
Go through my closes
Powerwash house

What I still need to do:
Replace craft supplies- glue, markers, printer paper, construction paper
Replace toothbrushes
Go through my bathroom vanity
Deep clean shower and shower/tub
Recaulk bathrooms
Fix wall in kids' bathroom
Put up towel rack in kids' bathroom
Toothbrush holder in kids' bathroom
Air filter
Our closet (WORST SPACE EVER in this house!  Everything without a home ends up there.)
Go through DH's clothes
Garage Sale
Dust/clean nooks
Clean both fridges
Go through boys' toys again
Fix boys dresser
Touch up paint in kids' bathroom, boys' bedroom, living room near window and bar top, and plates behind doors
Go through kitchen cabinets/get rid of any appliances we haven't used
Set up filing system for paperwork
File paperwork in filing cabinet
Better organize/find place for cleaning supplies
More hooks in laundry room for purses/bags
Buy more towels for beach/pool
Plant some flowers by front of the house
Buy valence/curtain rod for kitchen window
Replace kitchen hardware

Anything I'm not thinking of?

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