Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mommyland, Return to High School

Mommyland, Return to High School
Is it just me or do all moms feel like the art of making mom friends is just too much work?  
When I'm around other moms I always watch what I say, making sure I put the best "me" out there and making sure I don't step on any toes or hurt anyone's feelings.  Most likely this is a result of years of mommy friendship drama. I've lost many friends over things I didn't even know I'm doing or things that weren't my fault and now I'm overly cautious.  
There was the one time I apparently "stole my best friend's thunder" because I showed my ultrasound pictures before hers at a playdate when I didn't even know she was pregnant.  That grudge lasted 8 months and now if we talk it is more of a casual in passing thing.  
There was another best friend who de-friended me when she found out my husband had done something stupid.  I didn't even do anything to her.  Wow. 
Plus I've had many mom friends who fed into the drama, made everything about them, and compared everything from kids to how clean our houses were to medical issues to personal parenting decisions.  
I almost always walk away wondering if I said everything right.  Did I talk too much?  Did I not talk enough?  Did I say anything that would upset her?  It's more work to find mom friends than anything I've ever imagined.  Seriously!  It's a full time job.  Every time I get a friend who I think is a best friend something happens.
Is it just me or are most moms just high school catty girls with low self esteem putting on a front of how they are better then the rest of us?  
It is a "high school  world" out in Mommyland!  

Finding that best mommy friend is more difficult then finding a husband!  
You start to wonder, "Do I really need friends?"

I'm about to give up on the whole thing.

I may just become a hermit with my kids.  ;)


  1. Hey, dear! You know that I am always here for you! The way I see it, if people are gonna act like you described then they probably weren't your friends to begin with, either that, or they are very selfish. I do agree with you though, it is a full time job and it sucks when things become so drama-driven.

    Don't give up, if nothing else, talk to me, please!? I am here