Monday, February 14, 2011

Meet Me Monday

Since I'm new here I thought I would start off with Meet Me Mondays.  

Every Monday I'll answer 5 questions about me, so that you all can get to know me better.  

These questions are courtesy of:
and the idea is thanks to my friend at Northern Skies!

1.  Did you get any Valentine's Gifts?
Outback Steakhouse
We weren't able to find a babysitter, so we order curb side carryout and had a nice dinner just the 2 of us when they were all in bed.  We both enjoyed a night off of cooking and the yummy food.

2.  What is your favorite topping on something toasted?

Apple Butter- Yummo! 

3.  Do you pick out your outfit the night before?

I used to and would like to, but right now I have so little clothing that fit (transition from just having a baby 2 months ago) that I usually am washing my clothes the night before.  Need to get this under control!

4.  What food item do you absolutely despise?

Pork Chops
Really I just despise anything from a pig...besides crispy bacon and pulled pork.

5.  Righty or lefty?

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  1. Oh no, you don't like pork - I shake my head in disgust :)

  2. You don't like seafood and that is one of my favorites. lol I guess we're opposites. :P